Doc Spartan Badass Chick Scrub
A scrub fit for a Spartan Queen, with a bright orange scent that kicks you in the chest and a touch of lavender to linger in your nose all the way down the well.Exfoliates with sugar and locks in moisture...
Doc Spartan Grenade Soap
FRAG OUT! Introducing a life size hand grenade soap by Doc Spartan. The must have soap to blow up the funk. The scent is inspired by the fresh dew on the parade field grass, right before you got smoked by...
Doc Spartan-Alpha Brew Coffee Scrub
We love coffee - we love veterans. That's why we are teaming up with different veteran owned coffee companies for our best-selling coffee scrubs.This blend is from our homies at Alpha Brew Coffee. Their mission is to improve the productivity,...
Doc Spartan Sex Panther Beard Butter
We tracked down the mysterious South American Sex Panther and extracted his real bits to produce this beard butter. As you can easily imagine, nothing shapes, shines, and holds your beard like Sex Panther Beard Butter. Warning - not responsible...
Doc Spartan Irish Mint Scrub
"Invasively Minty" is an understatement. Think you see enough mint in your gum and toothpaste? Think again. This all-natural Irish Mint sugar scrub recipe comes straight from St. Patrick's bloodline - and has stood the test of time. INGREDIENTS Sugar,...
Doc Spartan Smoove Body Wash
ver wanted to take a steam shower inside an igloo in Iceland? We thought so - that's the inspiration for our first ever SMOOVE - Cold As Ice body wash. Our body wash is made with just the right amount...
Doc Spartan - Man Scrub
Doc Spartan - Man Scrub
Chicks don't dig dry flaky skin (just ask Ashy Larry). How many of us shower up, dry off then have to apply lotion afterwards? Using MAN SCRUB scrubs off the dead skin (the French and the elites call it exfoliating)...
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